Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teens Injure Two Helicopter Pilots With Laser Pen... Lol

Imagine. Pointing a laser pen randomly into the sky at night.  The next day you are being charged for pointing a laser at an aircraft operator and find out that you caused the blood vessels in the left eyes of two pilots to rupture. What are the chances? lol.

Apparently," Hidlago Moreno, 19, and his 17-year-old friend were playing with a laser pointer at about 2 a.m. on New Year's Day, shining it into the sky.  Two pilots from the Collier County Sheriff's Office spotted the light while patrolling in their tactical helicopter 500 feet in the air.

The pilots were forced to return to their hangar, and each sought treatment at a local hospital for ruptured blood vessels in their left eyes. The police were able to track the lasers back to Hidalgo's home, and both teens were charged with pointing a laser at an aircraft operator, causing injury."

Wow. Wouldn't it take a while for the laser to damage your eyes? At least several seconds?  Why would the pilots even stare at the laser for such a long time - especially when flying... And both pilots?

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  1. It's actually way more dangerous than you think. For one, it's actually a LAW that you aren't allowed to point laser pointers at the sky. In addition, depending on what color laser pointer it was, the eye damage happens extremely quickly. Imagine what it's like from the pilots' point of view too. They see a random flashing light and try to see what it is. Next thing you know your vision is completely shot while you're flying a helicopter.


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