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Guides Previously Written

(1/19/2012) How to convert videos to MP4 for free!  (Without lame in-video ads, perfect for iPods)

(12/13/2010) How to download Megaupload videos and files for free. (while bypassing the download limit)

(12/11/2010) How to get free stuff online via surveys.

(12/9/10) Where to buy things 50% off.

(12/2/10) Internet Safety and How to Prevent Creepers From Stalking You

(12/1/10) How to Torrent

(11/29/10) The Art of Airsoft (for those interested in the sport and wish to start)

(11/26/10) How to Jailbreak an Idevice (itouch/iphone/ipad from 4.1 and prior)

(11/24/10) How to Download Music for Free (YES ITS LEGAL)

(11/21/10) How to Pull an All-nigher

(11/20/10) How to Piss Off Your Teachers ;D

(11/20/10) Removing Simple Viruses

(11/20/10) How to Clean your PC:

(11/18/10) How to be Emo:

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