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Teletubbies VS. Barney!

Hey everyone, this is just a completely random page written out of a request from Katie :) so just sit back and laugh at the showdown between Teletubbies and Barney! Oh, and note that everything below is just some random stuff that runs through my head, soo don't think I'm mentally ill in any way :)

So what exactly are the Teletubbies? I myself don't even know. They could be multicolored aliens, or kids cruelly dressed up for Halloween 24/7, OR really short adults getting paid to dress up in pedophile suits. Well with their innocent outlook and their super cool portable tvs' on their stomachs, it's really hard to say. But the fact that there are four of them means that they greatly outnumber a single fat purple dinosaur. Maybe this will cause them to win against it?

Big. Fat. Purple. Dinosaur. 'Nuff said. This BFPD doesn't really have anything special about him besides his extraordinary creeping and pedophile abilities. He doesn't have a tv lodged in his stomach or weird alien antennas on his head, he's just a...BFPD, to be simple. Even though there isn't anything particularly outstanding about BFPD, the fact that he (or it) is fat means he/it might be able to sit on the Teletubbies and crush their internal organs (and probably more). Anyway, lets get on with the main event below...

So to start off the fight, both teams will probably find a secluded place somewhere so that they can all try to kill each other without being seen by anyone else, particularly their 3-5 year old fan base. Once that place is determined, I can imagine that this is what is going to happen:
1) The Teletubbies begin to run to try to tackle Barney down, then try to slaughter him/it with their antennas and tvs.
2) Barney is too fat, meaning the Teletubbies can't take him down. They then begin to hack at his fat legs to make him fall over and die.
3) While the Teletubbies try to kill him, BFPD begins to rage...an example is below.

4) Of course this mentally retarded purple dinosaur would decide to pull out a gun, and then he begins to shoot at the Teletubbies.
5) They all scatter, but return in gangster outfits and a gun...

6) The shooting begins, and eventually the yellow teletubbie dies. (No one likes him anyway, I mean he's flipping you off in the picture above...^)
Here's the result:

7) So, with one of their comrades dead, the rest of the teletubbies being to rage too.
8) With 3 aliens and one BFPD raging, gunshots are being fired everywhere and chaos has been unleashed.
9) Because of the sheer amount of random trigger happy morons shooting, Barney gets shot through the head through complete luck.
10) As he is falling over, he crushes Po, the red teletubbie, and both lay dead. (Po dies because Barney is a really fat purple dinosaur xD)
11) The rest of the surviving teletubbies sift through the carnage, and gaze sadly at their dead friends.
12) Then they walk away, wash the blood off their costumes and go have a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.

I don't really have any comments, so no comment.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey There Viewers! Merry Christmas :D
I hope you all had a great Christmas filled with many presents and lots of good food :)

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Monday, December 20, 2010

World's First Sexual Predator!


~  Comfy Pillow

Defective Hollow Point Bullets recalled!

4 the lulz.

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The War Stories of a not-so-old Airsoft Veteran (sort of*)

Well.  I figured, instead of retelling everyone my "war stories" every time someone wants to hear them... I might as well just jot them down here and link it the next time someone asks or if I feel like it :)

Story #1
Ok, well I'm in a hallway, with two friendlies covering my back.

I've been pinned in a spot behind a obstacle/building for around 2 minutes already.  Some idiot at the other spawn keeps popping out every once in a while, spraying down the hallway so we can't move.   Ugh. What a pain.  
I turn around, and tell my teammate the famous last words, "Hey, Watch. This."
and I run out of the hallway spraying on full auto with a gun that shoots 30 bbs per second, while screaming like a mofo "RAWGHGHGHHGHGHGHHHHHHHH!!!!" 
I was totally RAMBOING the place and killed 5 guys before dieing and going to the "deadzone".  The enemies were so scared from the screaming they didn't even fire back, they were like "WTF?!!!" lol.
As I turn away to walk to the deadzone, a referee tosses a sound grenade at me and it explodes. Screaming. Shooting. And an explosion to walk away from. Epic.

Story #2
So here I am with my last Glock magazine, I rush through the middle of the urban battlefield (meaning wooden buildings, walls, etc) weaving in and out between rooms and walls while shooting down a few enemies with the last of my bullets.  A large amount of gunfire begins focusing in my direction and I hide behind a wall.

 [WALL] ME <---

with a teammate behind another wall behind my wall.


I check my magazine. Empty. Damnit.
I'm in the front of the battlefield, within enemy territory, carrying a Glock 23f with 3 empty magazines and an empty Hi Capa pistol in the holsters.... great.  And there are lots of enemies. Sheeet.
Then all of a sudden I see an enemy soldier with a knife in one hand and a pistol in the other rushing up towards my teammate.    

TEAMMATE [WALL]                       [WALL] ME
         <---- ENEMY

So what the hell. I jump after him with my empty pistols, rush up right before he knifes my teammate and I shoot him in the face.  Well, technically I yelled "surrender!" since it's against the rules to shoot within 10 feet... but use your imagination.   He was pissed. lolz. Especially when he found out I had no ammo, but too late. 

Story #3 
So, one day, a stupid team of baseball kids think their really tough and go airsofting.  So, as soon as the game starts on the field, they ALL group up on the left side of their spawn point.  And amazingly, my team is stupid enough to stay on left side and have a firefight.  Leaving me, a friend, and two enemies on the right side of the field.

BASEBALL TEAM.                               TWO ENEMIES.


MY TEAM.                                             ME + FRIEND.

So, right off the bat I start rushing up the right side of the field, hoping to take advantage of the vulnerable side of the enemy team.  While going down the hallway my friend gets picked off and "dies" leaving me alone.  What the hell.  
I run up in a crouch to the wall where the two enemies are camping and.  "RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
I spray the hell out of them, leaving  a WIDE EMPTY SPACE where I can see all the baseball team kids shooting at my teammates.  I let loose a storm of bullets and scare the $%!@ out of them.  100 & 80 degrees of spray and pray.  Well there wasn't any praying coming from me, it was all them.

BASEBALL TEAM                           <pewpewpew---- ME


MY TEAM.           

Round 2. 
We switch sides.  Half field this time.

                        MY TEAM + ME.
                      BASEBALL TEAM

These guys must be either really scared (because the hallway is a really dangerous place, but vital to watch over)  or really stupid to not defend the hallway.  So they just camp on the right side of their spawn point. Once again, trading fire with my team.
Meanwhile, I stroll down the hallway, flank the enemies and wow.  They have ALL their backs turned to me.  I open fire. LOL>OLOLOLOLOL
The kids are in so much pain some of them slump over, and others just hide behind their "dead" friends, with their hands to the wall. Seriously I saw TWO kids like this.  With their guns on the ground.

Round 3 and 4 went pretty much the same way... They ended up learning to fear the guy in black with a Tar 21. Lol. They took cover whenever they saw me. I mean.  A guy constantly popping out of nowhere with a insanely painful and fast shooting gun screaming and shooting at you isn't that scary is it?

Story #4
I was up in the middle of the battlefield, camping with my Glock behind a wall.  My team was pinned at spawn cause they didn't want to rush up with me and the enemy team had complete dominance over 60% of the field.

HALL[WALL]                          [WALL][WALL]

                            [WALL]                [WALL][WALL]

Anyway, enemies kept rushing up, trying their luck in making it to my team's spawn point, getting through between the two walls and flanking my team... BUT they didn't know I was there. lol so I just kept shooting them down.  I pissed them off.  After like 5 minutes of this, they realized something was wrong and was causing them to fail in their attempts to take the "base".  
So I'm camping with my pistol, and all of a sudden I see a black apple sized object fly right past my face, through the window of the wall and into the place where ALL my teammates are camping.  LOL.
It was a sound grenade, or "Flashbang" without the blinding flash.
The explosion caused panic in my teammates, and sent them into chaos and disarray.  Meanwhile, the enemy took advantage of their confusion and rushed up nearly all at once in a huge blitz.  But since I wasn't that close to the grenade, it didn't effect me and I just shot all the rushing soldiers.  Lol. Failure. But then I ran out of ammo, and there were like two guys left, they were within 10 feet, so I yelled "SURRENDER!"
but no. the idiots weren't following the rules, and they were like "F@#$ you" and started shooting at me.  I went out, but came back later. with vengeance.  I spent the rest of the night screaming, rushing into their base/spawn, and spraying my Glock at full auto.  lol.  They were scared.  
By the way. my Glock is loud.

I'll post up the rest of my stories some other time, especially the zombie ones during the Halloween event.  Man those games were a riot.  Drop a comment and let me know what you think about the stories haha.  Yes, I know they're all about me.  I'm awesome like that.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Song Analysis: Wasted by Cartel

Just because I have pretty much nothing better to do, I was thinking about writing about a song I just recently got addicted to :) Anyway, here's a link to the song if anyone out there wanted it; I'm not exactly sure if this type of song will be too popular out there, but you'll never know if you don't check it out first right? xD

Right below are the lyrics to the song!

It's 2:45, the baby takes his first breath
The mother never knew he only had a few left and
The father gets a call in the middle of the night
His breath gets short and his chest gets tight

But he's 16, and he's driving too fast
Takes a turn to the left, it would be his last
Nobody knows what happens if he turns to the right
Nobody in the car would've died that night

But he's 32 and invincible.
The cancer he had it was visceral
He never saw it coming...thought he had his whole life
Sick in the morning and he died in the night.

We're all so...
We're on the run.
We're all, we're all
We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted

7 years old, got his bat in his hand
He’s looking for his father and he doesn't understand
'Cause dad's too busy, got some deals on the way
His son sits alone as the children play

And he's 18 he couldn't wait to move out
His parents wonder what all the rush is about
They never bothered with his dreams
Only thinking of theirs.
Wonders why he doesn't call and why he doesn't care

But he's 32 and invincible
With everything he is based on principle
He never had a truly happy moment in his life
He didn't want the kids and he didn't want his wife.

We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
We're all wasted
We're all wasted, no no
We're all wasted

23 now got his life in his hands
He's looking all around and he doesn't understand
'Cause life's too busy, things get in the way
We all feel alone every single day

And I'm 18 couldn't wait to move out
It's been 5 years and now I'm starting to doubt...
Whether all my dreams are just aimless stares
Looking off to someplace that isn’t there

When I'm 32 will I be miserable?
With everything around based on principle
Will I have a clue, oh wouldn't it be nice
to never be alone in this wasted life.

We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
We're all wasted
We're all wasted, no no
We're all wasted.

What I think about this song is it really isn't about alcohol at all. It's more like an outlook on life. The song explains how life is wasted in so many ways, such as being forced to pursue a dream that isn't actually yours, living life with cancer, etc. etc. There are plenty of ways to interpret this, but I think the overall message is talking about life. If you actually read the lyrics, the song is a bit sad; the outlook on life isn't exactly the happiest, if you get what I mean xD

And that's pretty much it for this super short post! If you come up with any other way to analyze this, please drop a comment down below :D


Friday, December 17, 2010

Review for Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Okay so this is an insanely old anime that aired during 1994, but I remember watching it when I was a little kid and when I rediscovered the anime I just HAD to watch it. So for all those gundam fans out there, here's a quick overview of this anime and of course, some commentary to go with it :)

Plot Overview:
The time frame the anime takes place in is the future, where there are floating space colonies that represent each country, and Earth is left in ruins. The few people that do inhabit Earth find it increasingly hard to live, mainly because of the event called the Gundam Fights, which occurs every four years. The fights were designed so that each colony didn't have to fight large wars with each other, and what happens is each country chooses their top fighter and sends them to participate in the fight. Whoever defeats all of the other countries' gundams and is the last one standing earns their nation the ability to rule all of space for the next four years. The main character is a young martial artist named Domon Kasshu, who is the fighter of Neo-Japan. He wants to win the Gundam Fights for a variety of reasons; to free his father from his cryogenic state (he was frozen because he was wrongly accused for committing treason) and to track down his brother who has escaped with the Dark Gundam and plans to use it to take over all of space. (There's a really interesting twist at the end, but you've got to watch it to find out ;D)

Gundam Fight Articles:
(Basically the rules for the Gundam Fights)

-Article 1
A unit whose head section has been destroyed is disqualified. Supplement: Accidental harm inflicted on a Gundam Fighter during a match is acceptable.
-Article 2
A Gundam Fighter must never aim at the cockpit of an opponent's Gundam.
-Article 3
A Gundam Fighter may repair damage to his Gundam as often as he/she needs, and continue to challenge as often as he/she desires to move on to the championship league, so long as the dream of winning remains with the fighter, and as long as the head section has not been destroyed.
-Article 4
A Gundam Fighter must take responsibility for protecting his/her own Gundam.
-Article 5
A match shall only be held on a one-on-one basis.
-Article 6
A Gundam Fighter shall not taint the honor and dignity of the nation he/she is representing.
-Article 7
The Earth is the ring! Supplement: Destruction of property on Earth due to the Gundam Fight is not considered a crime.

Main Characters:
Domon Kasshu: The main protagonist of the story, is very impulsive and hot headed. He has a very strong connection to all of his friends and relies heavily on them. His entire life is devoted to find his brother who had apparently committed treason against Neo-Japan and killed his mother, and saving his father from his cryogenic state.

Rain Mikamura: Childhood friend of Domon, and joins him in his journey of winning the Gundam Fights. She is a doctor and a mechanic, and conducts all the repairs on the Shinning Gundam and the Burning Gundam. (Both are Domon's gundams)

The Shuffle Alliance: Group of extremely experienced fighters; the previous shuffle alliance sacrificed their lives to save the current shuffle alliance, who were being controlled by the Dark Gundam. The current Shuffle Alliance consists of Chibodee Crocket, Argo Gulskii, Sai Saici, George de Sand, and Domon Kasshu.

Chibodee Crocket: The fighter for Neo-America, Domon's friend and partner in the Shuffle Alliance. He fights so that he can achieve his American dream.

Argo Gulskii: The fighter for Neo-Russia, Domon's friend and partner in the Shuffle Alliance. He fights so that he will be able to free his friends, who were put in jail.

Sai Saici: The fighter for Neo-China, Domon's friend and partner in the Shuffle Alliance. He fights so that he may be able to restore the Xiaolin Temple.

George de Sand: The fighter of Neo-France, Domon's friend and partner in the Shuffle Alliance. He fights to protect his pride and the pride of his nation.

Overall, I enjoyed this anime a lot. The beginning was really repetitive and slow, but as the storyline went on it got much more interesting. Of course, the art/graphics of the anime are horrible, but that's to be expected since its like...16 years old. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), I would rate this anime a 4 because I liked most of the storyline, but a lot of the parts were repetitive. If you've got some time to spare over this winter break, I would recommend checking it out! :D Thanks, drop a comment below!


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Multible Stab Wounds MAY be harmful to monkeys. LOL

Ahhh, the onion :)

- Comfy Pillow

Best Desert Island Story Ever.

Note : I did not write this, I thought it was so funny it should be shared with others :)

So by now Lost has ended, and we've found out the truth behind the island, which was actually a Home Depot Garden Center, and that the whole story never actually happened and was merely the fever dream of a dying syphilitic prostitute who was herself living in a computer simulation powered by a child's imagination that was sent back in time to stop everything that didn't happen from not happening even once.
SPOILER!I never actually watched the show.
DID YOU KNOW?I also don't know how spoilers work.
Truthfully, I was really unlikely to watch a show that dredged up so many bad memories from my own time trapped on a deserted island. That's right, I once crash landed on an abandoned island in the middle of the Pacific. And let me tell you: It was no epic adventure with broad appeal to multiple demographics. No, it was terrifying, tedious and, due to coarse language, nudity and coconut related sexual content, would have been unsuitable for sensitive viewers.
First and foremost, a lot of people died. And not extras. Real people with hopes and dreams and spines. Quite frankly it was a miracle I survived myself, and I think that if I hadn't made an absolute nuisance of myself requesting pillows on that flight, I doubt I'd be here to tell the tale. "More pillows!" I bellowed. "I can still feel the plane vibrating!" After the crash, seeing the crumpled form of all the neighbors who I'd taken pillows from, I couldn't help but feel much, much smarter than them.
The first few hours after the crash were a blur. You know how at the beginning of dodgeball, everyone runs to the middle of the room and grabs the dodgeballs? That's what this was like, except instead of grabbing dodgeballs, everyone was crying about their dead friends and the plane was sinking. It was pretty fraught times, and conscious thought took a back seat. I don't even remember how I ended up sitting on the beach with all my pillows and four wallets that weren't mine, quietly watching the plane sink beneath the waves. A handful of other survivors lay scattered on the beach around me.
Shortly after that, a guy began introducing himself to everyone. I immediately forgot what his name was, and began referring to him as the Professor, probably because he was wearing a shirt with buttons on it. The Professor said that we would need to find a source of fresh water, because we would die if we did not drink water. I happily agreed with his reasoning, as the flight had left me pretty dehydrated. (Though not from drinking, I can happily report. I was actually sweating quite a bit under all those pillows.) Fortunately for us, there was a shallow stream a half mile or so from where we'd washed ashore. We were grateful to see it, me for multiple reasons.
"For the love of God, don't poop there you idiot!" the Professor yelled, beginning a pattern of him suddenly making arbitrary rules to stop me from doing something. "I can't even believe I have to tell this to you," he said, shaking his head at me. Everyone else looked pretty shocked too.
"I had a lot of beers last night," I offered. "You know what that does to the old pipes," I continued, thinking that was a pretty good excuse. "Does that make things better now?"
Judging by everyone's reaction, it did not.
Our food situation took a little while to get sorted out. After a day or so, one of the survivors began eating some of the nearby plants to see if they were edible. In the sense that they were easily eaten, the plants appeared to be edible, but when the guy's heart and lungs stopped working, opinions on the definition of "edible" split. I'd like to say that Wheels' sacrifice was worth it (I have of course forgotten his name), but when we found the grove of coconut trees just around the corner from the stream, well it actually made him look kind of dumb. Later on, gathered around the fire we'd talk and exchange stories about Wheels, pantomiming his final moments while others laughed and clapped.
Until those coconuts showed up, I was at least a little worried we might end up resorting to cannibalism, even to the point of loudly discussing the horrible diseases I surely had from all the urine I was splashing on myself while peeing. This was probably unnecessary, but seeing as I didn't get eaten, I'm going to say it worked. In truth, for most of us cannibalism was never really an option, because you have to be really hungry to even consider it. The one exception of course was Hungry Ted.
"I suppose you know why I've come to talk to you," Hungry Ted whispered in my ear one evening while we were eating coconuts.
I did know. "You want to eat someone, Hungry Ted?" He had been looking for supporters for his scheme for a couple hours now.
Hungry Ted nodded. "Don't get me wrong. I don't want to kill anyone. But if anyone dies, or is slowing down a bit, I think it'd be foolish if we let them go to waste."
"I don't know that that's really necessary any more Ted," I said, making a show of stretching out, the pee stains etched in my dirt-caked legs clearly visible. "Once we figured out how to break those coconuts on those rocks--which did not take long incidentally--our food problems really were solved. I'm just a little worried how eating a fellow will look when we're pushing aside food to do so."
"Stop worrying how people will judge you!" Hungry Ted hissed. "This is our chance to finally live like nature made us! Besides, no one can blame us for trying to survive!"
"Professor, Hungry Ted got out of his pen," I raised my voice, tattling. Hearing me, the Professor came over and dragged Ted back to his pen, which on my advice and due to our concern that Ted might try to eat himself, was also our latrine pit.
Day to day life was pretty dull. Unlike certain Tom Hanks movies I could mention, if you ever get trapped on a deserted island, don't count on having fun with your friend the volleyball. I'll tell you what the hard truth about living on a desert island is: Your friends are people you washed ashore with who don't like you because of all the pee on you. You're not in Kansas any more Dorothy. Unless Kansas is a place where dudes pee on themselves to ward off violent crime. It very well might be. The Wikipedia page is unclear.
Also, if you want to play volleyball, you're playing it with a coconut. In fact, all of our sporting events were played with coconuts. We had a lot of different sports. Partly a way of improving our spirits and fitness levels, they also provided a forum for low stakes wagering, which occurred readily with the only currency available: sexual favors.
You know how Gilligan wore that same red shirt every day for 23years? Bullshit. Modern clothes are incredibly cheaply made, and will not stand up to the sort of wear and tear that a life of coconut farming and rigorous coconut sporting will inflict upon them. Expect to be completely naked within three or four days. After that, depending on the moral norms that develop, investigate replacement clothing as necessary. In our case, garments fashioned from woven palm leaves and coconut shells quickly became popular, and modified as fashion dictated.
It's funny, coconuts will have a lot to do with your day to day island existence, but not in the ways you'd think. You will be eating them of course, and wearing them, and playing with them and getting in heated screaming matches with them. But you won't be inventing anything with them. After some early experiments, we concluded that as a tool, the average coconut is primarily useful for hitting things. They can also be sat on. Standing on them is tricky, but possible with practice, and again provides another avenue for low stakes wagering. Other things worth knowing about coconuts:
- Throwing coconuts at things is fun.
- Throwing things at coconuts is also fun.
- Talking into a coconut and pretending it is a phone is great fun.
- A coconut will never love you back.
In the first few days--with the poo still fresh on your hands and guys eating plants and dieing--you'll be too preoccupied with your own survival for your libido to rear its ugly head. But once you've established yourself a bit and everyone's wearing coconut thongs and bowler hats, you'll notice those old familiar urges creeping up on you. Which made things awkward for me, having been on a prison relocation flight at the time of the crash, transporting exclusively male violent offenders from West Virgina to Colorado, apparently by way of the South Pacific. (I should have known something was up when the pilot kept coming in to the cabin and peering through the windows, sweating.) Anyways, there was, to be frank, an awful lot of violent homosexual sex going on. I don't think this is typical of most deserted island situations, but can only report what I saw with my own eyes, and continue to see even now when I close my eyes.
We eventually set out to explore the interior of our island, to find out whether we were on an island after all, or illegally squatting in a city park, nakedly playing coconut soccer with a recovering cannibal. We'd have done so earlier, but had hesitated for fear of the wildlife. The Professor reminded us that some of the most terrifying monsters from science and mythology have been island dwellers, such as the Komodo dragon, the Cyclops and the Irish. Eventually the Professor and three others set out into the wilderness, taking Hungry Ted with them for protection. I don't know exactly what happened to them, hearing only the screams in the distance a few hours later. One of them did manage to make it back to the beach, and told us a confused story of Hungry Ted breaking his restraints and attacking the group. All the mocking and spitting and horrible debasing of Hungry Ted by us now seemed less funny, knowing that he was going to murder us all for it. We all agreed that this was a valuable lesson on perspective.
We were finally rescued when a passing ship spotted the smoke rising from one of the many fires we'd set to keep Hungry Ted at bay. When the rescuers finally reached shore, they found the 11 of us that remained, covered in coconut bruises and urine.
"You people have been missing for six days," one of our rescuers said incredulously after hearing our story. "How? I... I just don't... Is saving you even the right thing to do?"
I sympathized with him, as indeed the same thoughts had been running through my head, though I had no answer for him. I attempted to console him with a hug, which he declined.


Read more: http://www.cracked.com/blog/how-to-really-survive-being-stranded-on-a-deserted-island/#ixzz188MajWZ1

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mainstream Music...A Real Ear Sore

Mainstream music? You mean that catchy pop music that all that popular radio stations play 24/7? Well, apparently the majority of Americans in our society love this type of junk music playing on the radio ALL THE TIME. Here, I'm going to give you my opinion on the music, and let you know why it's so horrible. Down below is a perfect example which shows exactly where I stand on this subject:

Anyway, here are a few reasons why mainstream music is horrible and why the radio now sucks...

1. The same genre. The same songs.
Most "popular" radio stations suffer from this very thing. The lack of VARIETY and/or ORIGINALITY. Let me paint you a scenario that has happened to me countless times:
*In the car*
Brother: -switches stations-

As you can see, our society gets caught up in all the famous pop stars and their music that pretty much the majority of the radio now plays only pop music. Another example of songs replying themselves over and over again is when, for instance, I get into a car to go somewhere and hear a song on the radio. I then leave to go do whatever I needed to do, and when I get back into the car the same exact song is playing again. More recently, this has been happening again and again, and it bothers me so much that I pretty much want to kill my radio (which is pretty insane, because I'm a music obsessive).

Radio stations only focus on playing pop and rap music, and little to none of any other type of music. Basically, their only playing the mushy mainstream crap that everyone seems to love to listen to. Don't get me wrong, I don't exactly hate the music that they're playing, it's just that the same genre with no classic rock (or any rock music at all, for that matter) seems a bit boring and repetitive.

2. Excessive overplaying? Just a little.
Like I said before, the same music is overplayed WAY too much. Rap and pop music seem to be the only type of music that is played, with no other type of genre besides the occasional rock song. The thing about the songs that they play is that they're actually decent! (The majority of them, at least.) But once you hear a song for the 50th, 100th, or even 200th time...you get disgusted with the song. Songs that I used to love before they became popular on the radio I now hate, mostly because I hear the song every single day on the radio. I haven't been the only one experiencing this though, many of my classmates also complain about discovering a song long before it was popular, and then hating it once it did become popular.

Typically I would write much more, but right now my brain isn't exactly functioning correctly, so I'll just end my rant here :) If you agree or disagree, drop a comment below!


How to download files off of Megaupload for free!

Everyone knows Megaupload, it usually has the best and most HD/HQ videos and probably the largest amount of files on download - around.  You can find pretty much every file on Megaupload... only problem is you have to wait for the annoying 54 minute video timers or 1 minute wait for a file download (and then a longer timer if you are planning on downloading more than the set limit of files per day)

So how can you bypass this? Well the answer is simple : Jdownloader

This easy to use program allows for you to basically "rip" or "grab" files off of various download websites such as Megaupload or Hotfile.

All you need to do is :
Download and install Jdownloader, then run the program.
Copy the webaddress of the Megaupload or Hotfile file (the page of the download AFTER you enter the "captcha" code verification thing.)  Copy via Ctrl + C after highlighting the web address.
Then go to Jdownloader > Linkgrabber tab, and the link should already be up there.  Just right click the empty space in area and choose "continue with all".
If the download link isn't showing, then select the button "Add URL" and add the web address manually before "continuing with all".

After that, you just wait for the download to complete on the "download" tab.  Then right click the downloaded file on Jdownloader and "open directory" to open the folder the file is inside.  Just run the file from the folder and that's it.

~ Comfy Pillow

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Torture in the Modern Era

Recently, there have been reports about the Malaysian government practicing judicial caning, which can be considered a cruel and unusual punishment and also a form of torture. What is so frightening about this is that many people that immigrate there to escape communism or other governments are captured and regarded as political prisoners. These people are then caned almost everyday. This is a rough overview of what happens: specially trained officers that are particularly good at caning take out a meter long cane, and swing at the prisoners' bare back with both hands. The cane rips into their skin and leaves behind nasty scars. Usually, the pain is so severe that the prisoner is knocked unconscious. When this happens, the officers wake the prisoner up, just to knock them unconscious again. Obviously this is a horrible and cruel, and this happens to people that haven't done anything at all (the families that immigrate there) or people that perform small petty crimes (such as stealing). This is considered systematic torture and is a complete violation to human rights, as it leaves behind emotional and physical scars. I believe that this form of punishment should be removed immediately, because having such violent punishments still going on in the world is pretty ridiculous. We have to stop things like this as soon as we can. If you would like to help or want more info on the subject, check out the link below:

*pictures: top-left [example of canning] bottom-right [canes used to beat people]


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting free stuff via online surveys.

Ok. I'm sure everyone has seen some website advertising "get paid to do surveys" or the similar.  Popular sites are PrizeRebel and Rewards1 (as far as I am aware, they were one of the very originals) .  Since then, a lot of companies have tried to rip off their idea of paying for taking surveys and doing "offers".   Anyway... I'm here to tell you that
1. They are not a scam.
2. They really do pay you.
3. But it's very difficult to earn $ (you'll see why)

So, concerning fact #1, there probably are several scam sites, but that's why I would only suggest using Rewards1 or PrizeRebel.  I personally have used*/use Rewards1 and earned about $60 before going inactive (bought a few games and stuff off ebay).  I also had friends that used PrizeRebel before so I know that pays as well.  If you choose to sign up for paid surveys/offers, only sign up for one.  (Signing up for more than one site may get your account banned - they will explain on the site) You can click the link up at the top to sign up for Rewards1.

What are these "offers"/"surveys"?
Well, companies basically send their ads to Rewards1 and the other survey sites, then pay them for each person that "visits" or "completes" their advertising forms.  Except, we don't really "complete" the surveys, but rather just make it seem like we completed it (that way you don't get charged, sent spam, etc. etc. etc.)

For Ex.
Blockbuster sends an ad to Rewards1, they pay $2-5 (dunno real amount) for each person that Rewards1 gets to "sign up".
Rewards1 links those "offers" to you.
You go to the "offer" (advertisement) page, and then usually put in a fake email (or one you made specifically for ads) and then fill out some fake information, or just give an email, and leave the page (there will be different instructions for various offers) some "offers" may require you to go through around 4-5 pages of advertising surveys with "yes" or "no" questions before finishing (those usually pay higher).
Then, after your gone, Blockbuster checks if you visited their ad, etc. via the cookie they gave you when you visited the site (the term cookie is computer language, look it up if you want)
If they believe you completed the offer, they pay Rewards1, and Rewards1 pays you a fraction of the profit.
(10-50 cents for easy offers, $1.00-$1.50 for longer surveys, and around $5 and more for the "credit card" or "cell phone" requiring ones - becareful on these)

The only real problem with Rewards1 and these types of sites (back when I was using it, not sure how it is now) is that since you don't Really buy the advertised product or sign up, more than half the time you don't get credited/paid.  (maybe I wasn't following the correct methods to do it).  However, the more real information you put in, the higher the chances are that you will get credited. (I was using completely fake information).

There are MANY, MANY, MANY guides on the forums and on the internet upon how to do these guides, so it would be a great idea to look them up if you decide on starting.  (it'll be nearly impossible without them) I won't be describing them here mainly because it takes so long to write out the process, and it may have changed from the last time I used it, and the ones already written are probably more accurate and detailed than something I can come up with.

In the end, completing offers usually takes a while, and you won't be earning much (come on, it's free), but if done correctly you can still earn a nice amount of $ and use Rewards1 to buy things off the internet for you from websites such as Amazon or Ebay.  If you have the time, it's well worth checking out.

Rewards1 Link : Rewards1

~ Comfy Pillow
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