Thursday, January 5, 2012

So... 2012 The End of the World

With all this buzz about "2012" and the "End of the World" on 12/21/12 going around, I decided to throw my two cents in.
It's not gonna happen.
It's the end of a calendar, so what?  Just because it's the end of an ancient calendar doesn't mean that it's the end of the world nor the apocalypse.  The Mayans could have intended to establish a new calendar right after the old one ends.  Also, how many times has the world lived through such apocalyptic threats?  Remember the Y2K thing?  With all technology on Earth being screwed over?  Just because it shows the year "2000" on our calendar, does not necessarily mean it's really the year 2000.  It's only the year 2000 according to our calendar, which isn't necessarily correct depending on what marks the beginning of the calendar.  And the Y2K scare never happened.
Then there's the "Planets Aligning" ooooh~ scary, that happened in March 1982 and was warned by some to cause the apocalypse.  Hey we're alive.  Cool story bro.

In any event, I highly doubt that the world will end on 12/21/12 but I'm still sure as hell excited to witness that day pass by.  Am I tempting the devil much?  Hell yea.

~ Comfy Pillow

About the aliens and extraterrestrials... What makes humanity think that it's so special?  The universe is FRICKEN HUGE!!!  So why would aliens be so interested in us that they'd travel across the galaxy or from somewhere far far away just to visit?  or blow us up? etc.  I'm sure there are PLENTY more resources and other valuable minerals or liquids/gasses that can be found throughout the universe with less difficulty. We aren't that special.  Get over it.

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