Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interesting Passerby Conversations

Hey everyone, have you ever walked around and heard some really strange conversations? Well...its been happening to me a lot lately and I wanted to write a bit about it. Anyway, just today, I passed by these two guys joking and messing around - then one of them suddenly screams on the top of his lung,s "SHUT UP, I'M BLACK FROM THE WAIST DOWN AND THE KNEES UP!". How exactly are people supposed to react to weird things like that?!? Usually it would be pretty funny, but coming from two guys screaming and pushing each other....yeah, awkwardd xD

Another instance was when I was at a restaurant. My family and I were eating and socializing, when suddenly a girl at a nearby table stands up and yells "MOM, STOP IT. I DON'T WANNA DO THAT WITH OTHER GUYS". To all you dirty minded people out there, NO that wasn't what she was talking about. I heard her saying something about volunteering....I guess she just doesn't like guys LOL. Anyway, my entire family was just like O.O the entire time, although it was pretty funny...


Hmmm, here's a story of my own, set in a public restroom... somewhere. Anyway, I was washing my hands at the sink with two guys using adjacent urinals. As I washed my hands, suddenly one of the guys leans over to the other guy and says "Hey, I'll show you mine if I can see yours." And suddenly it turns into one of those "WTF" moments. And the guy next to him freaks out and rudely refuses. However, the man on his right continues to try convincing him. Awkward moment right there. I left the bathroom shortly, but that still leaves me wondering how the scene ended up.

- Comfy Pillow

Today, I was washing my hand in a bathroom... yes another bathroom story with me washing my hands.  So, there's a bathroom stall with an open door on my left, and a guy is peeing in it.  All of a sudden one of his friends (at least I hope he was his friend), walks into the stall and apparently "fake" humps him.  I didn't see them from where I was washing my hands but the conversation was pretty awkward
Guy 1 : "Hey! What the hell man?"
Guy 2 : "Yea! You like this action don't you!?"
Guy 1 : "LOLZ."
Guy 3 (walks in and joins) : "Let's make it a threesome!"

All three walk out and stare at me*
"You didn't see or hear anything. LOL."

~ Comfy Pillow

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