Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting free stuff via online surveys.

Ok. I'm sure everyone has seen some website advertising "get paid to do surveys" or the similar.  Popular sites are PrizeRebel and Rewards1 (as far as I am aware, they were one of the very originals) .  Since then, a lot of companies have tried to rip off their idea of paying for taking surveys and doing "offers".   Anyway... I'm here to tell you that
1. They are not a scam.
2. They really do pay you.
3. But it's very difficult to earn $ (you'll see why)

So, concerning fact #1, there probably are several scam sites, but that's why I would only suggest using Rewards1 or PrizeRebel.  I personally have used*/use Rewards1 and earned about $60 before going inactive (bought a few games and stuff off ebay).  I also had friends that used PrizeRebel before so I know that pays as well.  If you choose to sign up for paid surveys/offers, only sign up for one.  (Signing up for more than one site may get your account banned - they will explain on the site) You can click the link up at the top to sign up for Rewards1.

What are these "offers"/"surveys"?
Well, companies basically send their ads to Rewards1 and the other survey sites, then pay them for each person that "visits" or "completes" their advertising forms.  Except, we don't really "complete" the surveys, but rather just make it seem like we completed it (that way you don't get charged, sent spam, etc. etc. etc.)

For Ex.
Blockbuster sends an ad to Rewards1, they pay $2-5 (dunno real amount) for each person that Rewards1 gets to "sign up".
Rewards1 links those "offers" to you.
You go to the "offer" (advertisement) page, and then usually put in a fake email (or one you made specifically for ads) and then fill out some fake information, or just give an email, and leave the page (there will be different instructions for various offers) some "offers" may require you to go through around 4-5 pages of advertising surveys with "yes" or "no" questions before finishing (those usually pay higher).
Then, after your gone, Blockbuster checks if you visited their ad, etc. via the cookie they gave you when you visited the site (the term cookie is computer language, look it up if you want)
If they believe you completed the offer, they pay Rewards1, and Rewards1 pays you a fraction of the profit.
(10-50 cents for easy offers, $1.00-$1.50 for longer surveys, and around $5 and more for the "credit card" or "cell phone" requiring ones - becareful on these)

The only real problem with Rewards1 and these types of sites (back when I was using it, not sure how it is now) is that since you don't Really buy the advertised product or sign up, more than half the time you don't get credited/paid.  (maybe I wasn't following the correct methods to do it).  However, the more real information you put in, the higher the chances are that you will get credited. (I was using completely fake information).

There are MANY, MANY, MANY guides on the forums and on the internet upon how to do these guides, so it would be a great idea to look them up if you decide on starting.  (it'll be nearly impossible without them) I won't be describing them here mainly because it takes so long to write out the process, and it may have changed from the last time I used it, and the ones already written are probably more accurate and detailed than something I can come up with.

In the end, completing offers usually takes a while, and you won't be earning much (come on, it's free), but if done correctly you can still earn a nice amount of $ and use Rewards1 to buy things off the internet for you from websites such as Amazon or Ebay.  If you have the time, it's well worth checking out.

Rewards1 Link : Rewards1

~ Comfy Pillow

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