Monday, December 20, 2010

The War Stories of a not-so-old Airsoft Veteran (sort of*)

Well.  I figured, instead of retelling everyone my "war stories" every time someone wants to hear them... I might as well just jot them down here and link it the next time someone asks or if I feel like it :)

Story #1
Ok, well I'm in a hallway, with two friendlies covering my back.

I've been pinned in a spot behind a obstacle/building for around 2 minutes already.  Some idiot at the other spawn keeps popping out every once in a while, spraying down the hallway so we can't move.   Ugh. What a pain.  
I turn around, and tell my teammate the famous last words, "Hey, Watch. This."
and I run out of the hallway spraying on full auto with a gun that shoots 30 bbs per second, while screaming like a mofo "RAWGHGHGHHGHGHGHHHHHHHH!!!!" 
I was totally RAMBOING the place and killed 5 guys before dieing and going to the "deadzone".  The enemies were so scared from the screaming they didn't even fire back, they were like "WTF?!!!" lol.
As I turn away to walk to the deadzone, a referee tosses a sound grenade at me and it explodes. Screaming. Shooting. And an explosion to walk away from. Epic.

Story #2
So here I am with my last Glock magazine, I rush through the middle of the urban battlefield (meaning wooden buildings, walls, etc) weaving in and out between rooms and walls while shooting down a few enemies with the last of my bullets.  A large amount of gunfire begins focusing in my direction and I hide behind a wall.

 [WALL] ME <---

with a teammate behind another wall behind my wall.


I check my magazine. Empty. Damnit.
I'm in the front of the battlefield, within enemy territory, carrying a Glock 23f with 3 empty magazines and an empty Hi Capa pistol in the holsters.... great.  And there are lots of enemies. Sheeet.
Then all of a sudden I see an enemy soldier with a knife in one hand and a pistol in the other rushing up towards my teammate.    

TEAMMATE [WALL]                       [WALL] ME
         <---- ENEMY

So what the hell. I jump after him with my empty pistols, rush up right before he knifes my teammate and I shoot him in the face.  Well, technically I yelled "surrender!" since it's against the rules to shoot within 10 feet... but use your imagination.   He was pissed. lolz. Especially when he found out I had no ammo, but too late. 

Story #3 
So, one day, a stupid team of baseball kids think their really tough and go airsofting.  So, as soon as the game starts on the field, they ALL group up on the left side of their spawn point.  And amazingly, my team is stupid enough to stay on left side and have a firefight.  Leaving me, a friend, and two enemies on the right side of the field.

BASEBALL TEAM.                               TWO ENEMIES.


MY TEAM.                                             ME + FRIEND.

So, right off the bat I start rushing up the right side of the field, hoping to take advantage of the vulnerable side of the enemy team.  While going down the hallway my friend gets picked off and "dies" leaving me alone.  What the hell.  
I run up in a crouch to the wall where the two enemies are camping and.  "RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
I spray the hell out of them, leaving  a WIDE EMPTY SPACE where I can see all the baseball team kids shooting at my teammates.  I let loose a storm of bullets and scare the $%!@ out of them.  100 & 80 degrees of spray and pray.  Well there wasn't any praying coming from me, it was all them.

BASEBALL TEAM                           <pewpewpew---- ME


MY TEAM.           

Round 2. 
We switch sides.  Half field this time.

                        MY TEAM + ME.
                      BASEBALL TEAM

These guys must be either really scared (because the hallway is a really dangerous place, but vital to watch over)  or really stupid to not defend the hallway.  So they just camp on the right side of their spawn point. Once again, trading fire with my team.
Meanwhile, I stroll down the hallway, flank the enemies and wow.  They have ALL their backs turned to me.  I open fire. LOL>OLOLOLOLOL
The kids are in so much pain some of them slump over, and others just hide behind their "dead" friends, with their hands to the wall. Seriously I saw TWO kids like this.  With their guns on the ground.

Round 3 and 4 went pretty much the same way... They ended up learning to fear the guy in black with a Tar 21. Lol. They took cover whenever they saw me. I mean.  A guy constantly popping out of nowhere with a insanely painful and fast shooting gun screaming and shooting at you isn't that scary is it?

Story #4
I was up in the middle of the battlefield, camping with my Glock behind a wall.  My team was pinned at spawn cause they didn't want to rush up with me and the enemy team had complete dominance over 60% of the field.

HALL[WALL]                          [WALL][WALL]

                            [WALL]                [WALL][WALL]

Anyway, enemies kept rushing up, trying their luck in making it to my team's spawn point, getting through between the two walls and flanking my team... BUT they didn't know I was there. lol so I just kept shooting them down.  I pissed them off.  After like 5 minutes of this, they realized something was wrong and was causing them to fail in their attempts to take the "base".  
So I'm camping with my pistol, and all of a sudden I see a black apple sized object fly right past my face, through the window of the wall and into the place where ALL my teammates are camping.  LOL.
It was a sound grenade, or "Flashbang" without the blinding flash.
The explosion caused panic in my teammates, and sent them into chaos and disarray.  Meanwhile, the enemy took advantage of their confusion and rushed up nearly all at once in a huge blitz.  But since I wasn't that close to the grenade, it didn't effect me and I just shot all the rushing soldiers.  Lol. Failure. But then I ran out of ammo, and there were like two guys left, they were within 10 feet, so I yelled "SURRENDER!"
but no. the idiots weren't following the rules, and they were like "F@#$ you" and started shooting at me.  I went out, but came back later. with vengeance.  I spent the rest of the night screaming, rushing into their base/spawn, and spraying my Glock at full auto.  lol.  They were scared.  
By the way. my Glock is loud.

I'll post up the rest of my stories some other time, especially the zombie ones during the Halloween event.  Man those games were a riot.  Drop a comment and let me know what you think about the stories haha.  Yes, I know they're all about me.  I'm awesome like that.

~ Comfy Pillow

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