Monday, December 13, 2010

Mainstream Music...A Real Ear Sore

Mainstream music? You mean that catchy pop music that all that popular radio stations play 24/7? Well, apparently the majority of Americans in our society love this type of junk music playing on the radio ALL THE TIME. Here, I'm going to give you my opinion on the music, and let you know why it's so horrible. Down below is a perfect example which shows exactly where I stand on this subject:

Anyway, here are a few reasons why mainstream music is horrible and why the radio now sucks...

1. The same genre. The same songs.
Most "popular" radio stations suffer from this very thing. The lack of VARIETY and/or ORIGINALITY. Let me paint you a scenario that has happened to me countless times:
*In the car*
Brother: -switches stations-

As you can see, our society gets caught up in all the famous pop stars and their music that pretty much the majority of the radio now plays only pop music. Another example of songs replying themselves over and over again is when, for instance, I get into a car to go somewhere and hear a song on the radio. I then leave to go do whatever I needed to do, and when I get back into the car the same exact song is playing again. More recently, this has been happening again and again, and it bothers me so much that I pretty much want to kill my radio (which is pretty insane, because I'm a music obsessive).

Radio stations only focus on playing pop and rap music, and little to none of any other type of music. Basically, their only playing the mushy mainstream crap that everyone seems to love to listen to. Don't get me wrong, I don't exactly hate the music that they're playing, it's just that the same genre with no classic rock (or any rock music at all, for that matter) seems a bit boring and repetitive.

2. Excessive overplaying? Just a little.
Like I said before, the same music is overplayed WAY too much. Rap and pop music seem to be the only type of music that is played, with no other type of genre besides the occasional rock song. The thing about the songs that they play is that they're actually decent! (The majority of them, at least.) But once you hear a song for the 50th, 100th, or even 200th get disgusted with the song. Songs that I used to love before they became popular on the radio I now hate, mostly because I hear the song every single day on the radio. I haven't been the only one experiencing this though, many of my classmates also complain about discovering a song long before it was popular, and then hating it once it did become popular.

Typically I would write much more, but right now my brain isn't exactly functioning correctly, so I'll just end my rant here :) If you agree or disagree, drop a comment below!



  1. Then stop listening to 97.1. I listened to it for two hours and heard Just The Way You Are seven times.

    I hear 98.7 and 106.7 have existed recently.

  2. If your profitable, the mainstream industry will take you. Its not about originality or meaning nor creativity anymore. Its a universal genre nowadays.. mainstream pop/rap/electro/rock into one toxic concoction. About the club and partying, or "love". Its repetitive, annoying, mind numbing, and talentless.

    but underground and classic music made history. Im always a classic rock / classic rap guy. Music like the Beatles , rolling stones will still be heard even 50 years from now.. mainstream music only has 15 minutes of fame and tgen vanishes for good that how much they suck.


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