Friday, December 17, 2010

Review for Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Okay so this is an insanely old anime that aired during 1994, but I remember watching it when I was a little kid and when I rediscovered the anime I just HAD to watch it. So for all those gundam fans out there, here's a quick overview of this anime and of course, some commentary to go with it :)

Plot Overview:
The time frame the anime takes place in is the future, where there are floating space colonies that represent each country, and Earth is left in ruins. The few people that do inhabit Earth find it increasingly hard to live, mainly because of the event called the Gundam Fights, which occurs every four years. The fights were designed so that each colony didn't have to fight large wars with each other, and what happens is each country chooses their top fighter and sends them to participate in the fight. Whoever defeats all of the other countries' gundams and is the last one standing earns their nation the ability to rule all of space for the next four years. The main character is a young martial artist named Domon Kasshu, who is the fighter of Neo-Japan. He wants to win the Gundam Fights for a variety of reasons; to free his father from his cryogenic state (he was frozen because he was wrongly accused for committing treason) and to track down his brother who has escaped with the Dark Gundam and plans to use it to take over all of space. (There's a really interesting twist at the end, but you've got to watch it to find out ;D)

Gundam Fight Articles:
(Basically the rules for the Gundam Fights)

-Article 1
A unit whose head section has been destroyed is disqualified. Supplement: Accidental harm inflicted on a Gundam Fighter during a match is acceptable.
-Article 2
A Gundam Fighter must never aim at the cockpit of an opponent's Gundam.
-Article 3
A Gundam Fighter may repair damage to his Gundam as often as he/she needs, and continue to challenge as often as he/she desires to move on to the championship league, so long as the dream of winning remains with the fighter, and as long as the head section has not been destroyed.
-Article 4
A Gundam Fighter must take responsibility for protecting his/her own Gundam.
-Article 5
A match shall only be held on a one-on-one basis.
-Article 6
A Gundam Fighter shall not taint the honor and dignity of the nation he/she is representing.
-Article 7
The Earth is the ring! Supplement: Destruction of property on Earth due to the Gundam Fight is not considered a crime.

Main Characters:
Domon Kasshu: The main protagonist of the story, is very impulsive and hot headed. He has a very strong connection to all of his friends and relies heavily on them. His entire life is devoted to find his brother who had apparently committed treason against Neo-Japan and killed his mother, and saving his father from his cryogenic state.

Rain Mikamura: Childhood friend of Domon, and joins him in his journey of winning the Gundam Fights. She is a doctor and a mechanic, and conducts all the repairs on the Shinning Gundam and the Burning Gundam. (Both are Domon's gundams)

The Shuffle Alliance: Group of extremely experienced fighters; the previous shuffle alliance sacrificed their lives to save the current shuffle alliance, who were being controlled by the Dark Gundam. The current Shuffle Alliance consists of Chibodee Crocket, Argo Gulskii, Sai Saici, George de Sand, and Domon Kasshu.

Chibodee Crocket: The fighter for Neo-America, Domon's friend and partner in the Shuffle Alliance. He fights so that he can achieve his American dream.

Argo Gulskii: The fighter for Neo-Russia, Domon's friend and partner in the Shuffle Alliance. He fights so that he will be able to free his friends, who were put in jail.

Sai Saici: The fighter for Neo-China, Domon's friend and partner in the Shuffle Alliance. He fights so that he may be able to restore the Xiaolin Temple.

George de Sand: The fighter of Neo-France, Domon's friend and partner in the Shuffle Alliance. He fights to protect his pride and the pride of his nation.

Overall, I enjoyed this anime a lot. The beginning was really repetitive and slow, but as the storyline went on it got much more interesting. Of course, the art/graphics of the anime are horrible, but that's to be expected since its like...16 years old. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), I would rate this anime a 4 because I liked most of the storyline, but a lot of the parts were repetitive. If you've got some time to spare over this winter break, I would recommend checking it out! :D Thanks, drop a comment below!


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