Monday, December 13, 2010

How to download files off of Megaupload for free!

Everyone knows Megaupload, it usually has the best and most HD/HQ videos and probably the largest amount of files on download - around.  You can find pretty much every file on Megaupload... only problem is you have to wait for the annoying 54 minute video timers or 1 minute wait for a file download (and then a longer timer if you are planning on downloading more than the set limit of files per day)

So how can you bypass this? Well the answer is simple : Jdownloader

This easy to use program allows for you to basically "rip" or "grab" files off of various download websites such as Megaupload or Hotfile.

All you need to do is :
Download and install Jdownloader, then run the program.
Copy the webaddress of the Megaupload or Hotfile file (the page of the download AFTER you enter the "captcha" code verification thing.)  Copy via Ctrl + C after highlighting the web address.
Then go to Jdownloader > Linkgrabber tab, and the link should already be up there.  Just right click the empty space in area and choose "continue with all".
If the download link isn't showing, then select the button "Add URL" and add the web address manually before "continuing with all".

After that, you just wait for the download to complete on the "download" tab.  Then right click the downloaded file on Jdownloader and "open directory" to open the folder the file is inside.  Just run the file from the folder and that's it.

~ Comfy Pillow

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