Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Artemis Fowl Book 7 is out! Who knew?!

Yay! AF book 7 is out (came out a while ago too 0.0) Here's the summary:

"Artemis Fowl has lost his mind...
Just when the world needs him most.

Artemis has committed his entire fortune to a project he believes will save the planet and its inhabitants, both human and fairy.  Can it be true?  Has goodness taken hold of the world's greatest teenage criminal mastermind?
Captain Holly Short is unconvinced, and discovers Artemis is suffering from the Atlantis Complex, a psychosis common in guilt-ridden fairies, not humans, and most likely triggered in Artemis by his dabbling in fairy magic.  Symptoms include obsessive-compulsive behavior, paranoia, multiple personality disorder and, in extreme cases, embarrassing professions of love to a certain feisty LEP-recon fairy.
Unfortunately, Atlantis Complex has struck at the worst possible time.  A deadly foe from Holly's past is intent on destroying the actual city of Atlantis.  Can Artemis escape the confines of his mind - and the grips of a giant squid - in time to save the underwater metropolis and its fairy inhabitants?"

If you would like to purchase it now, please use the link to Amazon on the left side of this post.  It's only $10, half of what other stores charge :)

~ Comfy Pillow


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  2. Sorry, haven't finished, or started for that matter, the book. And I'm not lending books anymore :P
    Bad things tend to happen to them after I lend them out >.>


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