Sunday, December 12, 2010

Torture in the Modern Era

Recently, there have been reports about the Malaysian government practicing judicial caning, which can be considered a cruel and unusual punishment and also a form of torture. What is so frightening about this is that many people that immigrate there to escape communism or other governments are captured and regarded as political prisoners. These people are then caned almost everyday. This is a rough overview of what happens: specially trained officers that are particularly good at caning take out a meter long cane, and swing at the prisoners' bare back with both hands. The cane rips into their skin and leaves behind nasty scars. Usually, the pain is so severe that the prisoner is knocked unconscious. When this happens, the officers wake the prisoner up, just to knock them unconscious again. Obviously this is a horrible and cruel, and this happens to people that haven't done anything at all (the families that immigrate there) or people that perform small petty crimes (such as stealing). This is considered systematic torture and is a complete violation to human rights, as it leaves behind emotional and physical scars. I believe that this form of punishment should be removed immediately, because having such violent punishments still going on in the world is pretty ridiculous. We have to stop things like this as soon as we can. If you would like to help or want more info on the subject, check out the link below:

*pictures: top-left [example of canning] bottom-right [canes used to beat people]



  1. Malaysia and Singapore both use the cane - but the picture above and the description given is incorrect.

    It is the buttocks and not the back that they strike - partly because the asian upper back tends not be quite so heavily padded as a Western back.

    Additionally, the frame is usually for "standing against" and not laying on to take full weight - while I am sure feinting does occur, it is certainly far from regular.

    Lastly, you mention that this punishment is ridiculous - but the reality is that both of these places have a TINY recidivism rate if someone has been caned - compared to almost three in four for the UK and the US. Now that IS ridiculous.

    While I doubt you will post the comments I offer - you might still choose to correct the target from back to buttocks - as if anyone googles for more than 1 minute, they will see a vast array of data with regard to the canings on the buttocks that go on.

    Personally, I think a whip on the back is better - no need to humiliate someone by making them strip from the waist down - and badly made films aside, a flogged back is often so well healed in ten days there is NO real clue it ever happened - however the discomfort at the time tends to be remembered for a while by the recipient.

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