Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Torrent

Torrenting (peer to peer file sharing) accounts for nearly half of all the internet traffic in the world. What is it? Torrenting is a type of file sharing using a peer to peer network. With torrenting, you'll be able to download nearly every program/file off the internet ever made - for free. However, if you really like a certain torrented program, please purchase the original version :)

How To Torrent! :
1. Download uTorrent, and PowerISO, run and install both.;pop

2. Open uTorrent and leave it opened.

3. Find the torrent file you want by google or Torrentz (e.x. "Inception Movie Torrent" or "Assassin's Creed Torrent")
Usually ThePirateBay files work the best - or you can use Torrentz to get a list of all the other sites hosting that particular torrent.
Note* These aren't the actual program files, their more like trackers or links that set you up with the network that is hosting the file for download.
Make sure it's cracked too.

4. Before you download the file - CHECK THE COMMENTS!!! I cannot stress how important this is, the comments let you know if the file is trustworthy and secure. Make sure the file has at least several pages, if not around 20-30 pages of comments before downloading. Also check the file size - if you're downloading a game (usually anywhere from 2-10gb) and it says "5mb", that's most likely a virus.

5. Download the file - > go to uTorrent - > Add File (from the top menu bar) and select that file you just downloaded from the torrenting website.

6. Leave your computer on until it is done downloading. (I highly suggest torrenting only during the night, the downloads usually take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days to download. Downloading before you sleep means that no one will use the computer - leaving more bandwith to the torrent itself.)

7. When the file is done, right click on the download in uTorrent - > Select "Open File Folder"

8. Open the disk with PowerISO (should already open with PowerISO by default if installed)

9. In the new folder, start the Setup.exe but make sure you "extract files to a temporary folder" if it prompts you to. After the files are extracted, the Setup will begin and that should be self-explanatory.

10. For programs that require you to crack them - the torrent you download should have a "cracked" file or folder somewhere in the original Torrent Folder. Go back to the original webpage that you downloaded the torrent from and follow it's instructions for installing the crack.

Remember, if you really enjoy the program you torrented, please purchase it! If you don't support the creators, they won't make anymore!

Guides for Optimizing uTorrent speed:

(They're all about the same. YouTube also has many guides so check that as well.)

~ Comfy Pillow

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