Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to Download Music for Free (YES ITS LEGAL)

Ever since Limewire got its butt kicked and got shut down, TONS of people have tried to look for other ways to download music without actually paying a dollar per song using Itunes. Below is a free and completely legal way of downloading music. Although it might take a little longer than Limewire, this is a great method of downloading music if you're a stickler for rules and frugal at the same time. :)

1. Find a song on Youtube, and get the link for the video
On Youtube, you can find virtually any song you want, even if it's in a different language! Using this method, you're basically going to be copying the audio of the video (but its legal because you're not violating any copyrights or anything).

2. Go to (ew its a dumb site with advertisements ><)
Personally, I hate going on stupid sites like these (its a file converting site) because they have a crapload of advertisements, but this site gets the job done and is pretty efficient.

3. Go to the tab that lets you convert videos
After you get to the tab, post your link in the first column, choose "mp3" in the second column, and then enter your email in the last column. (The reason they need your email is because they're going to send you the link to your converted video, as far as I know, they don't spam you with advertisements or anything.)

4. Convert the video!
Press convert then wait for the file to get transferred. If you have a lot of songs, its easier to search for the next song you want to convert on Youtube while your first song is converting, and after your first video is finished, press backspace and then repeat step 3.

5. Go to your email
Once you've converted all the songs you want, go to your email and you'll have all the links waiting for you in your inbox. Just open the email, click on the link, then press download. Once the file is finished downloading, the music should automatically transfer to your Itunes. (This will happen if Itunes is set as your default music player, if it isn't then I'm not exactly sure where it will go...xD)

Tada! That's pretty much it for converting your music. I know its really lengthy and annoying, but once you get used to it, the conversions seem to go by much faster. I hope you found this guide useful! :)


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