Monday, November 29, 2010

The Art of Airsofting

What is Airsoft?
Airsoft is a sport in which players utilize replica weapons that fire 6mm or 8mm plastic pellets. The players are often split into teams and reenact various scenarios from films, books, games, and/or do military combat simulations "mil-sims".

Only "bad" people play Airsoft.
That isn't true, many good respectable people play Airsoft - it's just a sport, and it's fun. Airsoft is also a much safer alternative than going to a firing range with live weapons, and is better than video games in that you actually exercise. You will also learn to cooperate as a team and bond with your teammates or friends.

Airsoft is Dangerous.
Airsoft can be dangerous - but so can everything else (driving, skiing, swimming). This is what rules were created for - to prevent accidents.

*For a general rule, ALWAYS wear a face mask when playing (eye/mouth/ear protection) and NEVER take it off or lift it up during a match!
*Keep your finger off the trigger if you aren't going to fire.
*Avoid shooting at heads if possible.
*Also do not shoot at anyone within 10 feet to avoid the BB pellet from breaking skin (in the event of a "hot gun" that shoots very hard), but rather yell "Surrender!" or "Die!" or "Bang!" (there are many variants of this).
*Do not use guns over the FPS of 350 indoors or in small backyards.
*Never bring your weapons outside in public without a gun bag or a case to put it in.
*In most places it is illegal to have a replica firearm out in public.
*NEVER EVER point an Airsoft gun at a Police officer either - they will consider it as a real weapon and open fire upon you.
*And of course, the golden rule of Airsoft : CALL YOUR HITS! (if your shot. Go out)

By following these general tips, you should be perfectly fine for the most part in Airsoft.

To Start Out
For those who wish to start Airsofting, here's a quick start up guide that you can base your set up upon.

*A decent full face, non fogging, mask that covers the ears also. (Around $30)
*An AEG rifle (Airsoft Electric Gun) preferably from G&G, Echo 1, or ICS (around $200). Any cheaper - especially from brands like JG or Well (the clone brands) - and the gun's internals will most likely suck and break very quickly. Any more expensive, and it'll be a waste if your just a beginner. Make sure the gun is under 350 FPS, if the factory labels it as up to 380 it should be fine, they usually exaggerate. TEST YOUR GUNS BEFORE BUYING (if possible) otherwise do a lot of online research beforehand.
*A 9.6v battery (don't go for lipo batteries, your gun is most likely not ready for it.)
*Gear-wise, you really only need a mask and gloves. Battle-wear can be a thicker jacket, T-shirt (or long sleeve, but it will get really hot during the game), and jeans. If your really into Airsoft and Mil-sim stuff, go buy a pair of legitimate BDUs (shirt and pants for around $60 total) at
The ones they sell at Airsoft stores are fake and rip easily, not to mention they look bad after wearing out in just a few games. Vests look nice also - but they don't do much other than carry extra magazines (getting shot doesn't hurt that much, so a vest isn't really required if you are scared of the pain)
*A large bag of .20 gram BBs from a supplier such as Matrix, AIM, or G&G.

The places you can purchase Airsoft related items are: (The most expensive Airsoft store that I know, but they also carry the most stuff, but there's a chance of losing your item by a Customs Siezure during the transfer oversea. (famous for it's large stock of items and walk-in store, but pretty expensive) (cheaper than Evike, and just as good but with less choices) (one of the cheapest online sites, but with the smallest selection of qualti y gear/guns. There might be an Ad link to Airsplat on the right hand side or bottom of the page. So take a look :)

If you decide to buy from the online stores then leave us a comment and your email (since our "Contact Us" page isn't up yet) and I'll send you an online discount for the store.

Or if you have any questions or want some advice from a partially seasoned Airsoft player then once again, leave a comment!

Have fun and be safe :)

~ Comfy Pillow

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