Friday, November 26, 2010

Want to jailbreak your Itouch 4/Iphone 4?

Ever want to jailbreak your Itouch 4 / Iphone 4 /Ipad ? Well... for all of those who don't know how to already (it's quite simple) you just need to download Limera1n

for OS 4.1 and prior (don't update to 4.2 because there isn't an effective JB for it atm, and there's really no big difference from 4.1 for the Itouch and Iphone. Huge difference for Ipad... but you won't be able to jailbreak it yet.)

Instructional guide :
(Or you can just YouTube "how to use limera1n" etc)

Once you have jailbreaked your I-device you should download the following packages from Cydia:
AppSync for OS 4.1
Eric Utilities
iFile Cracked
Install0us (regular version)

Feel free to add on some useful packages in the comments, I'm not sure if I'm missing any of the vital ones, but some packages should already be included default. Also cracked packages have to be found at
You add these sources by going to Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add (and type in the address links)

Useful Packages :
Iretiner (learn how to install this from YouTube guides)
OpenSSH (learn how to use this from Google/YouTube guides)
YourTube 2 Cracked
Yxflash Cracked
3G Unrestrictor Cracked (sorta works/half-half, didn't work for my facetime though)

- Comfy Pillow


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