Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to Pull an All-nighter

Lets face it, almost everyone has (or at least tried to) pull an all-nighter at one point in their life. Doing so is pretty tough I'll admit, but with these tips below, managing an all-nighter shouldn't be as hard as it seems!

1. Get some caffeine in your body
A person's tolerance to caffeine depends on how much you drink caffeine, and if your body is naturally tolerant to it. For those that aren't as tolerant, this tip will probably be the key component in pulling an all-nigher. Personally I like either Starbucks or Coke, but there are other ways to get caffeine too, such as tea and various sodas. I suggest having two to three drinks to last you throughout the night; drink one every three to four hours. Doing so will keep the caffeine in your body, and make it easier to stay awake.

2. Make music your best friend
Yes, I admit that when you're writing an essay or doing homework it can be a bit distracting, but in my opinion music helps you more than it hurts you. For one, music is proven to calm your mind, which allows you to work better and concentrate with less effort. Secondly, listening to music at night can help you to stay awake if you're playing it a little louder than usual. So when its around 3 a.m. and you're still trying to cram in that five page essay, music can help you stay awake and help you concentrate and get those creative juices flowing upstairs.

3. Have a brightly lit workspace
When you're working, be sure that you're not working in a dark or dimly lit area. Doing so will make you prone to falling asleep more easily; working in a dark space will only make you want to sleep even more than you already do. Keeping your workspace well-lit will keep you up and also make your mind clearer when you are trying to think of your AP calculus or AP chemistry questions.

4. Keep snacks handy!
Because your body probably isn't used to staying up so late or having no sleep at all, it is going to need extra energy to sustain it. Having sugary snacks work great for keeping you awake, and keeping those midnight munchies at bay. Drinking cold milk or orange juice also works wonders; your body will thank you for the extra sugar. Don't go too crazy with the snacks though, just eat enough to sustain you.

That's pretty much it on my guide for staying up all night, just try not to pull too many all-nighters because they're really bad for you :o Don't forget that the next day, you're probably gonna be looking like a zombie or roadkill. Your body is going to be running off adrenaline for the most part, and when that runs're kinda on your own. Anyway, goodluck and have fun with all those APs!



5. Sit in an uncomfortable chair, and be cold.
Sitting in something comfortable will cause you to become sleepy - so will being warm because it simulates being snug in your bed.

Also, tea has actually been proven to be much more effective and contains much more caffeine than coffee - so try that. It's also not bad for your health or teeth like coffee or coke.

- Comfy Pillow

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