Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deodorant Sticks - Yes. I'm talking about deodorant.

Ok, this one's for all the guys out there who like to smell nice during and after playing sports. There are a BUNCH of deodorant sticks out there, the popular ones being Axe and Old Spice. Axe is a bit overrated and has wacky fruit smells (it's alright) while Old Spice smells really... spicy and nice, it's just not very effective and doesn't last too long. Out of all the ones I've tried, the Degree Men's Adrenaline series seem to work the best (Cool Rush is the one I use). It completely covers any smells of sweat and the smell gets stronger when you sweat more. The Cool Rush deodorant stick I use smells like clean soap - as if you just took a shower. And it's pretty strong with a duration of around 6-10 hours minimum, so I highly recommend using the Degree Men's Adrenaline series to those who need a new deodorant stick or are planning to start using one. It's only around $3-$5 USD depending on where you buy it.

- Comfy Pillow

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