Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Goes On In My Head!

I know it's bad to try to push your own morals on someone, but this is something I firmly believe in, and I feel that everyone else should follow it too! Anyway, a few years back I was pondering, "Hmmm...everyone keeps telling me to grow up and be mature and stuff. Am I really that immature?!". It turns out that I was. xD BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT. So while I was being ridiculed by my peers, I came up with a good philosophy to live by:

"You have only about...10-15 years to be immature, and the rest of your freaking life to be mature. Obviously, there's a problem here because everything is horribly unbalanced. So, why not just stretch out the immature period to be a bit longer? That way, you can life without regrets, and have a much less deprived childhood! Win-win situations are the way to go!"

Ever since I came up with that philosophy I've held onto my immaturity! And no, I don't give a mice's butt about what my peers think because half of them know me to be a bipolar emo kid anyway :D Anyway, I encourage you to be yourself - be immature, be weird, be different! Individuality is pretty much the only reason the world isn't a boring place anyway. My friend once made up a quote that goes something like this: "Normal people are weird. Weird people are normal. Whichever it is, be weird. Be normal. Just be yourself." :)

Okay I think I'm finished pushing my morals on you all, I hope you got something out of reading this! Remember, weird people are cool! :D


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