Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review for Rage HD - Iphone

Alright, our first review!

Topic : RAGE HD (For 4th generation Ipod/Iphones or the Ipad)

So, just a few days ago (Nov 16) id Software released a spin-off of the upcoming "Nuclear Wasteland" themed game "RAGE" by Bethesda Works. Apparently, id Software decided on making this FPS (first person shooter) app as a rail shooter - meaning you have no control over your movement. However, you can still control your aim for about a 180 degree view from left to right. They also dumped the story, which good or bad - means they had more time to spend on making the game visually stunning (especially since the game is a ginormous 580 mb). With the Iphone 4's retina display, the game looks amazing and the maps are very detailed - all running at a "whopping 60 fps"! The entire game revolves around a very ugly TV host who runs the "Mutant Bash" TV series, in which contestants are sent into sprawling mazes filled with creepy mutants and monsters. The levels are organized into "episodes" and the main objective of each is just plain survival. Although the objective may sound a bit dull, the constant action and pop-up freaks will keep your attention away from the boring and on the shooting.

The TV Host

Gameplay : Your average rail shooter controls... with a few more options and more freedom of view. Included among the new options are a "Dodge/Sprint" button (self explanatory), a reload button, a weapon change button, a pause game button, and finally the "fire weapon" button. There are only 3 weapons in the game (which was a bit dissapointing, but makes sense. You wouldn't really have any use for more weapons, except for maybe grenades/rpg). The weapons are a magnum style pistol, an old and rugged looking AK-47, and a semi-automatic shotgun. The AK and Shotgun have limited ammo, but health/ammo/and cash can be picked up a long the way. The pistol gets unlimited ammo (how stereotypical?) However, one thing that really stands out as unique is the reloading - similar to Gears of War. When you reload your weapons, a reload time bar comes up with a certain portion marked as the "sweet spot". If you hit the reload again during the "sweet spot", your damage is doubled for a short amount of time. However, if you miss it, your finger will get hurt in the process of reloading (probably pinched it in between the magazine and the gun) and you will not be able to fire during the few seconds that you shake off the pain in your hands.

The Reload Bar (The yellow area is the "sweet spot")

All in all, it's a great rail shooter, and has amazing graphics. At only $1.99, it's a steal! So hurry over to the app store and get it today!

- Comfy Pillow

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