Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello to the World!

Hey - to everybody out there!  Yes.  This is a new blog. And no, it will not die within the next 5 days.  "Chichi" and I (Comfy Pillow) have created this blog in order to provide a fresh new voice for Generation M ( our generation - apparently the M stands for multitasking) upon the many elements of daily life.  We'll update as often as possible (that means at LEAST once per day) and we WILL read comments - and listen to suggestions, unlike many of the blogs, sites... or companies out there.  Anyway, stick around/float/hang/hover or whatever it is that you do to get around, for the wacky weird posts of two guys and a blog.

- Comfy Pillow

Site Key
The World Through Our Eyeglass - World News, and the such
What We Have to Say - Our Reviews on various topics
Need Help? Look No Further - Guides to various things
Bored Much? Click Me! - Everything else!

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